Hannah LeBlond


Even before she could hold a crayon, Hannah was creating stories. Though the format changed quickly over her childhood years—from dictating books aloud to patient parents who painstakingly wrote out all her sentences that began with “and so”, to hundreds of typed pages eternally preserved on floppy disks—Hannah’s love of writing only grew.

At age sixteen, after completing both her junior and senior years of high school in one, she graduated early in order to dedicate more time to writing. And not just any writing—by then Hannah was already deeply immersed in crafting the peoples, places, and plot of The Mark of Fire series.    

After graduating from two ministry schools, Hannah began working full-time for a non-profit ministry organization in the North Bay Area of California, where she has been a speaker, youth leader, administrator, minister, and worship leader. She gained much experience in overcoming trauma both personally, and in walking with others on the journey of wholeness, which greatly increased her desire to help people both physically and emotionally. Along with continuing in ministry, Hannah was certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and worked as a medic at a school campground. Between her experiences with kids while working as both an EMT and a minister, she was moved to complete and publish book one of the story that had so long been a part of her heart. 


Actively involved in her home church, Hannah now serves as associate pastor and a worship leader. Besides writing, she loves being with friends and family, traveling anywhere, watching movies, reading a good book, the seasons, sleeping, organizing, drinking tea, singing, playing board and card games, Apple products, cats, rainstorms, organic/clean foods and beauty products, interior decorating, the color green, history, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and throwing things away. She lives in the wine country north of San Francisco with her family, including three beloved cats: Tinkerbelle, Zoe, and Merlin. 

Hannah is passionate about seeing people overcome trauma and live whole, healed lives, body and soul; social justice; and inspiring the youth of this generation. She believes the entertainment industry is the forerunning influence of the next generation of politicians, scientists, teachers, doctors, athletes, engineers, missionaries, artists, etc. Hannah dreamed of writing a story that not only is gripping, moving, and fun, but one that inspires kids of all ages to chase after their dreams and to truly believe that they can change the world. 


Hannah's Missions

"Like a map to any destination, I believe having dreams and goals sets us on a clear path to fulfillment and adventure. It's much easier to stay on track and not get lost in the overgrown woods of life when we are on fire with a dream of how we want to change the world. No matter how crazy, big, or impossible, if we don't give up, we don't fail."


    • I want to see the end of slavery and human trafficking in my lifetime.
    • Serve on the mission field, primarily in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Syria, helping refugees, orphans, and victims of war, slavery, and natural disasters.
    • Help the entertainment industry (music, movies, computer games, books, art, dance, etc.) become a forerunner of hope that teaches the next generation to rise above their circumstances and change the world.
    • Donate thousands of copies of my book series to victims of war, sex trafficking, and sickness to bring them a story of hope and inspiration. 
    • Empower children, from kindergarteners to high school seniors. No one is too young to be treated as an equal or too small to make a difference.
    • See the of end racism, sexism, and prejudice.
    • Influence the next generation of teenagers to break all the bad stereotypes said of them and become the bravest, strongest, kindest contributors to society in history. 

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    I am not afraid. I was born to do this.
    — Joan of Arc