The First Reveal!

Hello friends!

As you have no doubt heard, book one of my young adult fantasy series is coming out this spring! There is certainly no lack of stress or jittery, nervous excitement that goes into this publishing process, let me tell you. But you don't want to hear about that, I am sure. What you probably would like to know, is what this book is about exactly. 

Well, I am excited to finally be able to share with you a little bit of the answer! 

Here is the synopsis of The Mark of Fire, book one of my series to come, as well as—drumroll please—the first release of the book cover art!

Happy reading!

The Mark of Fire
A young adult historical fantasy novel

It’s early twentieth century Ireland and 15-year-old Molly Connolly is dreading an uncertain future. With her basic schooling behind her, she’s just an extra mouth to feed on a poor farm. As the probable fate of being sent to work in a factory looms on her dismal horizon, Molly feels powerless.

Or so she thinks.

In an exhilarating, but frightening, turn of events, Molly and her brother discover a mysterious portal that turns their world upside-down.

Now, not only is Molly thrust into a chaotic whirlwind of trying to comprehend the fact that they appear to be on another planet entirely—where things like jousting tournaments, nymphs, and unthalanes are completely common—and that she suddenly has an unexplainable super-human ability, but it soon becomes evident that this world has deep, dark secrets of its own. Something terrible happened many years ago, and a rising threat whispers it is happening again.

As Molly and her friends uncover shocking revelations and harrowing plots, they quickly find themselves the unwitting targets of an unknown enemy in the midst of a dangerous game beyond their wildest dreams - and nightmares.

Book Cover.PNG