About the Book

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Molly and her friends simply don’t know what to do. They’re positively clueless since haplessly stumbling upon an ancient secret with the power to change everything. Could the choices they make today alter the lives of everyone tomorrow?

It is early twentieth century Ireland and fifteen-year-old Molly Connolly is dreading an uncertain future. With her basic schooling behind her, she is just an extra mouth to feed on a poor farm. As the probable fate of being sent to work in a factory looms on her dismal horizon, Molly feels powerless—or so she thinks.

In an exhilarating, but frightening, turn of events, Molly and her brother find a mysterious portal that flips their lives upside-down. Not only is Molly thrust into a chaotic whirlwind of trying to comprehend the fact that they appear to be on another planet entirely—where things like jousting tournaments, nymphs, and unthalanes are normal—and that she suddenly has an unexplainable ability, but it soon becomes evident that this world has deep, dark secrets of its own. Something terrible happened many years ago, and a harrowing threat whispers it is happening again.

As Molly and her friends find themselves the unwitting targets of an unknown enemy, in the midst of a dangerous game beyond their understanding, they discover an ancient secret with the power to change everything.


Praise for The Mark of Fire

“North San Francisco Bay Area debut Novelist Hannah LeBlond has daringly broken exhausted, conventional barriers of fantasy and science-fiction. In a world bored of zombies and post-apocalyptic settings, The Mark of Fire Series — Book One restores favorite elements of fantasy in a story that is unique, adventurous, mysterious, humorous — and breathlessly dramatic.” — Excerpt from Press Release June 2017

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“As each one of us carries something precious, it has been an extreme joy of mine to celebrate one who has co-labored with her dream. It takes persistence to believe a dream can become a reality. This IS what Hannah has done for the past 15 years. Saying yes to the dream and partnering with the vision that has been bigger than herself. Through the joy and tears, seeing it tangibly come to life, and now for others to be able to experience it as well; what an honor.
This story moves me and stirs me to not settle, but reach higher for the dreams that are in each one of us. This journey is unforgettable. I hope you are as captivated as I am.
To the Dreamers.” — Faustina Cutler, photographer, musician, teacher.

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“If you visit Hannah LeBlond’s website and you pay attention to her biography, you will realize that this book (about to be released) promises way more than just a fantasy novel. I can’t wait to have this book in my hands and submerge myself in this story that she has been preparing for us. I’m so touched by her accomplishments and her wants that I just wish there were more people like her in this world. Let’s support!!!
Entrepreneurs. Get inspired. Together we can make a difference.” — Paola Bernal, entrepreneur, dancer, mother.

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“Hannah LeBlond has written a wonderful fantasy novel that is not just for the young reader. I found myself fully engaged with her story and characters. Whenever I’m asked what appeals to me in a good book I answer: “Tell me a story.”
Call me old fashioned, but I just want to read a great story with characters that I come to care enough about that I keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.
The Mark of Fire satisfies brilliantly.” — Flint, Worcester, MA