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Thanks for stopping by. This site is dedicated to magic, dreaming, inspiration, and--of course--books. My hope is that in our world of commutes, drive-throughs, and soccer games, you will find yourself stepping just a little out of time as you enter here--through the wardrobe or down the rabbit hole, so to speak. 

I aim to share bits of magic through my novel, other writings, Instagram account, and love for the peaceful exhilaration of the changing seasons. I also feature the gorgeous photography of Faustina Cutler and the incredible artwork of my dad, Ray LeBlond.

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You are never too old to believe in fairy tales. 

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
— C.S. Lewis


The Mark of Fire

A new young adult fantasy book series. Now available.


In this exciting historical fantasy tale, an Irish teenager enters a hidden portal into another world where she discovers an ancient secret with the power to change everything.

Molly and her friends simply don’t know what to do. They’re positively clueless since haplessly stumbling upon an ancient secret with the power to change everything. Could the choices they make today alter the lives of everyone tomorrow?



About Hannah

One of the things that makes The Mark of Fire series so special to me is that I began writing it when I was fourteen-years-old. I wanted to write a story from the perspective of a girl my age, and one that I, as a teen, would want to read myself. And though it has now been fifteen years, which has (hopefully) given me some new perspectives and maturity, the heroes of this story timelessly remain young teenagers, who were created by a peer.
— Hannah LeBlond

Blog Posts

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Like a map to any destination, I believe having dreams and goals sets us on a clear path to fulfillment and adventure. It’s much easier to stay on track and not get lost in the overgrown woods of life when we are on fire with a dream of how we want to change the world. No matter how crazy, big, or impossible, if we don’t give up, we don’t fail.
— Hannah LeBlond